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The Wilcoxon Tests with Excel
by Kilem L. Gwet. Ph.D.

Welcome to the website of the e-document "The Wilcoxon Nonparametric Tests with Excel in 3 Simple Steps." The purpose of this document is to show you a few simple steps for implementing three Wilcoxon rank tests with Excel. The proposed solution can be implemented with Excel for Windows as well as with Excel for Mac. These 3 tests are the following:

Wilcoxon Nonparametric Tests with excel for windows Wilcoxon nonparametric tests with excel for mac

The proposed Excel solution is based on a user-friendly Excel macro program called Wilcoxon.xlsm (for Windows), or WilcoxonMac.xlsm (for Mac), which requires no installation at all. It is provided in the form of a stand-alone Excel workbook into which the macro program is embeded. See a sample of screenshots below for a flavor of this practical approach.

The above documents provides a detailed description of the Excel solution I propose for implementing the 3 Wilcoxon nonparametric tests. A trial version of the macro program Wilcoxon.xlsm (for Windows) or Wilcoxon WilcoxonMac.xlsm (for Mac) is included in the zip file, in addition to being attached to this PDF document, from which it can be retrieved (follow the instructions in the document). This is the easiest and most practical method for performing these popular nonparameteric tests without having to learn to use the major and expensive statistical software such as SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, and others.

Wilcoxon nonparametric tests

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If you are from a country that uses the comma as the decimal symbol, and/or the dot as the list separator, you need to take the following actions in order to run these Excel macros smoothly:

Just for the purpose of running the program, change the decimal symbol from comma (,) to dot (.), and the list separator from whatever it is to comma (,) ? This is accomplished as follows:

2) Clock, Language, and Region
3) Region and Language
4) Additional settings ...
5) Then you can change the decimal symbol, and the list separator.

Do you have problems running the Windows version of this program?

If you are unable to run this macro, it is likely due to a security update recently released by Microsoft that was installed on your computer. Please check the link to see what Microsoft suggests to do to get the program running

Note that the macro programs Wilcoxon.xlsm, and WilcoxonMac_evaluation.xlsm are to be used for evaluation purposes only, and can handle a limited number of data points. You may purchase the full versions of these programs by using one of the following 2 options:

Purchase "The Wilcoxon Rank Tests with Excel" for Windows, for only $9.95 Purchase "The Wilcoxon Rank Tests with Excel" for Mac, for only $9.95  

The START worksheet of the Wilcoxon.xlsm Excel Macro. Here is where you will select which one of the 3 Wilcoxon rank tests you want to use. The 3 options are the (i) One-sample signed-rank test, (ii) Two-sample signed-rank test, and (iii) Rank-sum test.
wilcoxon nonparametric tests
The Rank-Sum Test Dialog Form. As an example, below is the dialog form associated with the rank-sum test, for defining your input data, and specifying various options for test. Play with it and you will be surprised how intuitive and simple it is.
Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test
The Wilcoxon(Output) Worksheet. Here is an example of the results that the Wilcoxon.xlsm program will produce. Numerous statistics are generated for you to complete your analysis report with no additional effort. Wilcoxon.xlsm is the quickest way to perform a Wilcoxon test
Wilcon signed-rank test output
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A statistical consultant, researcher and instructor. He has over 15 years of experience in various industries in the US and Canada. He possesses a doctorate degree in statistics from Carleton University - Canada -

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