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Friedman Test for MS Excel
by Kilem L. Gwet. Ph.D.

Welcome to the website of the e-books "The Friedman Test with MS Excelin 3 Simple Steps." The purpose of this document is to show you a few simple steps for implementing the Friedman test using MS Excel (versions 2003, 2007, or 2010). The proposed solution is based on a user-friendly Excel VBA program called Friedman-Test.xlsm which requires no installation at all (it comes in the form of a stand-alone Excel workbook - see screenshots below) and does all the work for you.

The free version of this document provides a detailed description of the Excel solution I propose for the Friedman test, along with a trial version of the Friedman Excel macro program attached to it. When you are statisfied with the solution (and you will surely be) then order the full version of the PDF document for only $9.95, which has the full version of the Excel macro attached to it. Click here to see some screenshots. If you are unable to run the Excel macro, it is likely due to a security update recently released by Microsoft that was installed on your computer. Please check the link to see what Microsoft suggests to do to get the program running

Order Friedman Test with Excel for only $9.95    

  friedman test cover page

When you purchase this e- document, in addition to the Excel macro program, you will get a complimentary copy of chapter 10 of my book entitled "The Practical Guide to Statistics: Basic Concepts, Methods, and Meaning. Applications with Excel, R, and OpenOffice Calc." Chapter 10 treats the ANOVA and related tests such as Kruskal-Wallis, Friedman, or ANOVA for dependent and independent samples.

Here is a portion of the output you will get after using the Friedman-Test.xlsm Excel Macro
Friedman test results
A Look at the Friedman-Test.xlsm workbook before the program execution
friedman test input
A Look at the Input Dialog Form of the Friedman-Test Excel Macro
Friedman Test Dialog Form
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